The List Of Victors And Losers On PokerStars

Poker skilled gamer Phil Galfond Phil Galfond generally known as MrSweet28 won last Monday on PokerStars together with exceptional high stakes cash game sessions causing him to be the greatest winner from the event. For the 26 year old star gamer, the last couple of weeks was sizzling hot when he had his peak earning of $500k and down right to just $50k a few days ago.

Are you looking for more critical info? It is best to view Titan Poker Bonus. 7,994 hands took part on PokerStars on Monday. And Phil Galfond had been through these challenges. A number of other gamers that went to the hands of Phil at the $50/$100 Pot Limit Omaha tables are Davin ‘mTw-DaviN’ Georgi, Ilari Sahamies and ‘!P0krparty?’. Just after earning an enormous $270k profit, Phil then departed the table and signed out really happy.

His latest income have improved his money amazingly and for 2011, the nosebleed regular is now in the black by $325,000.

Not a good evening for Andreas “Skjervoy” Torbergsen for he also had an unprofitable game. This was when he loses $235k to his competitors to a few games through the Norwegian remains of an upswing of $1,200,000 this year. Earlier this month, Sahamies also finds a tough time when he went on a heater. His rate of success comes down gradually and loss another 191k dollars was the result of what taken place.

Gav “gavz101” Cochrane joined Galfond as being the most successful in the event, Cochrane could not find any traction post World Series Of Poker but an immense $92,000 earnings.

Not to forget Rafi “rafaelamit” Amit when he picked up $135,000 in a short session. This lets him to become part of the list as the biggest winners on Pokerstars. And right now, his money is up by a tremendous 1.69M dollars for 2011.

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